Its Hard

No one really understands me.They day they do,but i doubt that.People will say oh i know what youre going through,dont worry i understand but really noone understands me.Ive been through alot of **** in my life,in the end i come out fightin each time.Nothing will bring me down again.To this day i still have alot of bullshit that goes on in my life and noone understands it...I have a great guy friend that i did like alot at one time,but im not his type so he wud neer consider me,my friends think they understood what i was goin thru with all that,then i have another really good guy friend that ive liked for 3 yrs but because of the **** that ive done in the past he will never date me even thought he says hes in love wit me and that will never change...No one understands the feelings i have for that kid...No one wil ever understand me 100% and in a way im kinda glad because i love being a mystery to some people
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
May 7, 2012