I Want to Be Understood By At Least One Person

"I want to be understood by at least one person"




At the very least.

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Get a girlfriend :p

well I am blessed because I know that if no one else unstands me, Jesus does. And He knows everything I have done, everythings I think and He still loves me and wants the best for me.

yeup, if u 'll try to understand urself den u should be ready to face even d bitterness& hidden truth bhind u

I am right there with you in the same boat!

If you like to understand yourself, it is not that difficult you know......you have to take time to yourself, be with yourself, walk with yourself, talk with yourself, become your own BEST friend, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself things, it may sound crazy to most peoples but it is true, one thing that I have learned is that it is IMPORTANT to always be HONEST with yourself.........no matter how good or bad it is you must be honest with yourself.. LOVE yourself is important while accepting everything about yourself. Knowing yourself and accepting yourself is like setting yourself free.

The only person who knows you through and throuh is God...I think I know myself and find out that I did something I'd never thought I'd do, never thought I was capable of, or just never thought...but thank God that I don't have to always be right or perfect or all knowing...that's what He's for...

Some one will find you... They always come when you stop looking.

Understanding... I am giving to you with this..I understand why you want to be understood ..Just be like Burger KIng .. Its your life have it your way. Others will understand you when you do things and say things your way...

I know there are other people who are like me to, but I feel like my entire life is a puzzle with pieces that don't go together. I know how you must feel.

What makes you tick, what brings you alive, energizes you, what do you think about when you are alone and the room is quite or if you're like most people that never happens, we wake up with noise telling us what we are to think and go to bed the same way. The media tells you what to think and they know who you are, they get you to buy products you don't need telling you how it will improve your life. They also tell us how this person or society will make your life better. It's all a lie. The comment prior to this one is a waste and I don't mean that cruel. Have focus find yourself and what you were intended to be. We all look for something bigger than ourself, some find it in gangs, politicians, clubs , religions, relationships, drugs and even death. Youth is a blast and meant to be enjoyed but not without cost. If you act fooish you will become foolish. Live life with the end in mind and as it was the last day and everyday is an adventure. Go forth and conquer, building relationships that count, be the person you dream.

Toxiclove has said the real thing -- which all of us should have said!

Lol same, most of the people don't understand me too...<br />
hope you will find someone soon GL

I knw how u feel no one gets me either : / oh well at least were different from others in that way :)

Being understood. Is very hard esp if ur going through a rough time, which u need to feel understood the most.

YOU want to understand YOU? Forget uit -- it will be a waste of time.<br />
One day you will think one thing, another day you'll think another!<br />
BOTH ways will be right!

Since we, as a person, develop and change all the time, I would venture to say that understanding ourselves is a process. Simply knowing that we do not understand ourselves fully is 'understanding' in itself. Enjoy the journey!

ThanQ Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu<br />
<br />
be a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.

I think that's the most difficult thing :P

:) that's always a little difficult. takes some time... but definitely a rewarding feat!