Well Hey Guys.

Sometimes when I think too much, I realize how truly alone I am. Unable to share my thoughts with anyone is hard. What would people say or think? They wouldn't understand.. no one would. No one does. So here I sit, telling a website full of random strangers because sometimes, they understand better than the people that claim to love you. I don't know.. I guess all I really want is someone to get it, someone to understand what I'm going through and tell me everything will be alright. It doesn't seem like too much to ask for, but then again.. it hasn't happened yet.
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2 Responses Jul 7, 2012

i also really struggle with this but sometimes i find it easy to write it down and let someone read it, sometimes it makes it easier for, i can totally relate to you i feel like i bother ppl however ppl are not mind readers if they dont no something is wrong how can they help yoo xxxx

I totally understand you. Maybe you can start telling a friend a little how you feel. You maybe surprised to find they have some of the same thoughts.

I feel like a bother to most people.

I am sure you are not. Just try sharing a little and you will feel better. If the person doesn't respond to you, then you know they aren't your friend and try with someone else. I am sure you have true friends that you are not even aware of.

Well thanks<3