I Hate Time.

I feel the older you get the harder it is to make decent friends or find someone you can connect with. The older you get the less people care about you. I hate time. Sometimes I wish I could be young again just to know that someone cares for you. Times flies and people change. Everyone grows up, gets marriage, has children and your well forgotten. People only seem to care whenever they need something from you or when its convenient for them.
goldengirl24 goldengirl24 22-25, F 2 Responses Jul 9, 2012

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even though u r younger to dont think that u have gone old...but yes its very true as time passes it makes u more unreal/unnatural...u lose the beauty of being innocent&lot more.but v have no choice..its the universal law..<br />
but ofcourse u should never get disolved in these worldly affairs....

People change as much as you do diffferences between children and adults is we have a perception on time we seem to have to act differently when we get older called maturity we also have a reputation an ego and have to meet certan standards you might say it depends on the individual but for children time is endless they have no concept of it there are no standards or egos involved in clicks formed yet all children care about is the basic needs and wants when they are hungry they eat tired sleep etc.. there is no stress bills and other "life" things going on so when people get older they set there ways and have those standards which have to be met in order for there to be a relationship but there are those bad apples that will suck the life out of you and take advantage of you to their benefit i reccomend that you avoid them like the ******* plague so people change so what they probably think the same about you hoped this helped