I Wish She Could Understand Me...

Putting aside everything from my past my parents are good parents. My mom raised me well, I could say. I'm sure my mom means no harm but she makes me feel that everything I want to do, dream of doing is wrong. I have always been a pretty good student, not the best just normal. I use to write stories, poems, songs, anything actually. But I stopped because my mom didn't like what I would write about. At the time I was going through a rough time because we had moved and I was having problems at school plus trying to get over what had happened to me didn't really help. So writing was how I expressed those feelings, she hated it. so I stopped and went to music, than that became my drug. she didn't like the music I listened to. I was addicted I couldn't stop music seemed to become a part of me. after awhile it lost some affect so I wanted to do something else I wanted to learn how to fight, or play an instrument.

each attempt was shot down. she hasn't supported me in anything. it always seems as if she never likes anything i want to do. i want to become a sucessful photographer so i was planning to use some money i had gotten for my birthday to buy the camera. all that money is now spent. she spent all my money for who knows what but its gone. my brother wanted a piano and he got it right away. oh yea then he wanted another one and he got that too. i've been waiting for my camera i haven't got it. so i saved up some money and spent it on a guitar that i also wanted. i just want her to understand that im different and to accept it. i want support, i want her to know that i need her too, that just because i dont show it much doesnt mean otherwise. i want her to get to know me and understand and not judge me.
Brokenxxworld Brokenxxworld
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2012