Story Of Confuseing Stuff.. Please Give Me Your Point Of View ..

I started dating this wonderful girl who i fell so much in love with but few months into the thing. people started hating on me and her saying she was someone who was involed in a murder but could never get evadenct ,,cant spell it lmfao

but then the other girl was involed has the same similer name as her.?
i have seen her threw everything i cant image her even doing that..
one night we drank and another person came out ..she attacked me and punched me but i know deep down its the alcohol that makes her into this different person..
as the next night she came to my grandparents looking for me. and she got in trouble with the police now she is in jail for 45 days..
thing is that she has been to jail a few times before this but i really love this girl so i have decided to stay with her and mail her letters but now i know deep down that most of my family hates her because of how she acted before she went to jail. i feel so heartbroken but i know that she can never really hurt somone but i know she has got some bad demons inside her head she needs to take care of. and to top it off i got my ex gf saying she loves me but im trying to ignore her lies .. i have put myself into something that i find so difficult to do .i just cant seem to let go of her or give up on her ?
i dont understand how i meet the people who are different then others but i am different then others too
i tend to over think things but i only do it cause it all seems to happen in the end .... me and this girl were planning on getting married but now she has messed up all the trust she had with my family on hitting me ..i forgive her cause i know it is the booze but i know deep down she is truly a nice person when she is not on that stuff.. she can make me laugh in so many ways that no one else can or make me mad.. i miss her so much but now i feel confused because everyone wants me to leave her alone and i just cant seem to do that this could go on but ill stop and tell me what you think of it ?
By: Me
cantseemtobreath cantseemtobreath
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012