That One Best Friend Everyone Deserves.

You know that longing feeling you have when you just want to talk to someone who actually gets you? Someone who can seriously relate to you?
I may be asking for much, but I wish I had that friend. That one person who had went through similar scenarios that I have, who can tell me how they were able to endure pain, pleasure, etc.
I have many friends, all of which I can talk to if I need the support. However, all they can do is listen.
I love that they listen to me, and give me their full attention, and I know I'm being incredibly selfish for saying this, but I wish that out of all the friends I had, one of them actually understood the ground I walk on.
I want to cry on someone's shoulder.
I want to call this person on the phone if I need them.
I want to hold hands with this person all around, and show the world that there is someone out there who truly understands me.
Sadly, I do not have that best friend. Some have already been blessed to have found this person, and I say to them, "Never lose them."
Maybe someday, I will find my angel from the skies. Whether he, or she, appears tomorrow, next week, next year, or whenever, I will find them.
And when I do, I will hold them in my arms and never let them go.
For to me, that person was a dream that finally became a reality.
Destati Destati
22-25, F
Nov 26, 2012