A Freak

I really think I'm an aborition of nature, a freak if you will.

I don't think anybody truly understands me.
I don't think they ever shall.
I am very unique.
And I don't think there is a soul that truly understands me
understands what makes me tick.

Sense of humor
Most look at me as if I have 3 sets of eyes
Even if I explain the joke
they are still ike hugh what are u talking about

I'm more intelligent than the normal guy
but i'm definitely at the lower rungs of the smart people
so one doesnt fit in with the ordinary unless u "dumb yourself down"
and i have no clue what the truely intelligent are speaking about

I am a geek
bottom line
but since I'm not a super intelligent person
I don't fit in with the geeks
and I definitely don't fit into the popular crowd

My interest are many and varied
and yet they aren't shared by the general public as a whole
and since i do have such a variety i don't even fit in with those that have these interests
because it is like their one driving passion in life
so i'm excluded from the group there too
additionally many of these groups i'm the young guy around
funny how that works even being middle aged

I have pretty well come to the conclusion
that I will never be understand by anybody
which is why i long to be understood by just one
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I know I am not like everybody else and there is a yearning to be understood with me. It will never come in general, but perhaps there will be one who will.

Welcome to the club.

What do you think would take for someone to understand you?