The True Backstabbing Of A Relationship

did you ever have a friend, someone you have known your whole life? someone you would never expect to turn on you? well i did.. or i thought i did. never did i expect someone who was so close to me for so long turn on me and end up with my ex boyfriend of a year and a half. seeing him makes me sad, confused and hurt. i still see the memories of what once seemed so perfect, until it wasnt. i thought i could trust this friend, who always seemed to tell me how cute we were together and how she hoped the best for us in the future, but how stupid was i... that in the back of her head, she was so happy that we were misserable. behind MY back they started to talk and became a couple... not only did she hide it, but she denied it for along time. and im stuck here, asking myself why.. what did i do to deserve this? the person i love with all my heart and a friend who i would take a bullet for, together and i look like the bad guy. weather i still care for him or not, noone understands that the problem is not with his happiness with another girl, its the fact that a "true" friend of mine could go behind my back and do that. never would i ever turn on a friend and be so cold to be with someone in this situation. theres not much i can say or do, to make the situation better. i guess i just live with the questions of why... i keep telling myself everything happens for a reason, but what reasoning comes out of something so awful? in the end you can never really trust anyone, because in the blink of an eye everything can change...
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I think your ex boyfriend has the larger share of guilt... he was the one you trusted most and who cheated on you.

It sounds like my wifes story with her best friend since childhood.Elaine was her friend and all was fine till Linda became hot in grade 9 and some of the boys Elaine wanted started to talk to Linda.

Then Mary became her friend and all was great till we were happily married and she was married to a beer drinkin Homer Simpson type of guy.So one night she made advances at me when I was drunk and tried to get a guy to hit on her friend.

This stuff happens everyday to millions of people and it;s called disloyalty.When we pick friends we have to take our time and watch for little signs.Elaine gave warning signs and so did Mary before the betralal.

Did you miss any signs ? In Psychology a warning sign is when someone gushes all over you about yourself or your relationship.GUSHING is a symptom of jelousy and anger.

There are loyal and good friends out there but you have to go slow before you give you trust away.This goes for males also.TRUST IS EARNED SLOWLY !!