Burnt As A Child

hi my name is tina pope i am aged 39 from united kingdom i would like to share my story about my accident here goes wen i was 13 months old i pulled a boiling hot kettle over myself it went all over my chest right arm and under my neck i had to have so many skin graphs as i grew up i spent most of my life in and out of hospital having many operations removing skin from 1 part of my body to the next at school i was teased and other children would call me nasty names like burnt sausage and other horrid names i would wear long sleeved tops to cover myself and was always thinking people was staring at me and judging me it made me timid and shy as i grew up i realised it was an accident and that accidents happen i cant wear pretty low cut tops or strap tops i have to wear t-shirts and i cant wear a bra cause it interferes with my skin wen summer time is here i dnt go to the beach if i do i go fully clothed i dnt look at my body and find it hard being in a relationship with men because i dnt want them to see my body i had 1 relationship and had a daughter she is aged 8 and she hasnt seen my burns only the 1 on my arm this is my story for you
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im not scared anymore and i dnt care wat people think about me or wat people say