I Know Its Hard... Im Difficult... But Honestly

I wanted to go into the field of psychology and social work because of the fact that i love getting to understand even the most difficult of minds. And you know what? I am honestly really good at it.

Its a small thing to ask for someone to just.. get to know me. Understand why i do what i do, because i really put in effort to get to know you.. understand you and who you are.

thats the main reason that my ex and i arent together.. he refused to understand me. He knows me better than anyone else, sure. But he never understood me... We fought a lot.

I need someone to understand me :(


... Idk if it'll ever happen. But i'm hoping.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I have a degree in psychology and I'm still an emotional mess.

I have to say that i am in pretty mucch exactly the same boat. There are many people that know me, but none that truly understand me. There's always some lack of insight, or care as to why people do what they do. I find it funny that as easy as it can be to just be curious, curiosity halts when it comes in the shape of another person. In my mind, i feel that that is the moment when i should shine brightest.
Why not get to know those around us, and ultimately understand how they work...?
I'm also studying psychology, and i hope everything is going well with you. =^] feel free to message me if you like. Maybe we can have some intriguing chats. =^]