I Don't Know...

I don't know...
I feel completely different from other people. Like I don't have something that everyone else has. I remember when I was a kid how one of my "friends" would talk to me in this weird voice, as if they were making fun of the way I talked or like they were implying that I was slow or something. It's like they didn't think I even realized they talked like this to me, like I was too stupid to realize it.

I also sometimes feel like I laugh at things and find things funny that people just find a little silly but not funny. They don't understand me. I guess I just have ridiculous humor that really doesn't make sense when I think about it. I laugh at myself a lot and even mention stupid things I do or that happen to me, and people just think I'm weird.

Sometimes, it even seems that people don't understand what I am trying to say in general. It's like I can't explain things right or something.

I just want to find someone who really understands me and who cares about me. I used to think the friend I've had since high school cared about me, but now she seems to have forgotten about me.

I also feel like I'm going to stay single forever. I am very shy around guys. I've tried online dating, but it seems like I can't find anyone I really connect with. I've never dated anyone in my life, and I am nineteen.

To be honest, I'm not sure if this post is really how I wanted it to come out...
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This story reminds me of my self "I feel completely different from other people. Like I don't have something that everyone else has is very familiar, how many times have I thought that. I saw the movie Welcome Home Roxy Charmicheal with Winona Rider and her character was so much like me it tripped me out.
I'm 46 now, my sister is the same as me more or less, later in life, strange things started happening to us the strangest of all I kept a journal of you can read it here


Basically we were told that we had genetic differences that made us like other types of human beings from parallel earths. The whole thing is ongoing. Maybe you should look at the journal, you could have something similar going on. I'm always searching for others like us.