I Think He Understands

Sometimes I feel like no one is listening. That I could stand in a crowd filled with silent people, start to scream, and no one would hear me.
Sometimes I think no one cares. So what if I slit my wrists, so what if I swallow a bottle of sleeping pills, no one would care.
Sometimes I believe that no one looks. I could dance on a stage, in front of everyone in the world, and no one would see.
Then there are times where I can think that someone cares. When he tells me that I am beautiful, I think he cares. When he says he is happy that I am alive, I know he cares.
There are times when I know someone is listening. When he responds to my message seconds after reading it, when he answers my questions, I know. When he tells me what I had said down to the letter over a week later, I know.
And I know he looks. He is always happy to see my face. I believe that he sees through every shield I have ever put up, every defense against getting too close. I believe he can see me for what I am, and this makes me happy.
And sometimes I think that I am ugly.
He tells me that I am beautiful. He sees more than I do, he must be right.
Swanfirefly Swanfirefly
18-21, F
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Be careful. It's a lot of responsibility to be in charge of someone's happiness. He can't always be there. He'll get burnt out if you pin it all on him - so you have to spread trust evenly throughout all your friends. They see you if you let them see. - and he is only training wheels so that perhaps one day you will learn to see yourself as the beautiful creature he sees.

I will throw something at you....*picks up rock* and he can hold my weight or go down with me....that is why it is called love....

Yes it is love to hold until you drown - but is love to be held until you are drown? Or to not get into that situation in the first place. *waits for rock*

Of course I will be there for you love - so long as I can - but, well, I can't all the time. That's all.

Never said I would drown, I said go down...we are on a perilous kite, floating miles above the trecherous rocks...
And I know you can't all the time, which is why I make sure I know so many people...including the ones who I don't need to worry if they are trustworthy or not, because they won't remember anyway...and notice the name of this group? I want to be understood by only one person, and until I find said person, I project on you, Mr. Understanding.

. . . but that's why we have more than one friend. So no one holds too much power or responsibility - so if one breaks the other can step in.

I do not do well being in such a position - that is all.

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