Do You See Me?

Do you see Me?.....I see you and so we seem to see
but this life chokes us leaving only superficiality, so
we must look beyond all superficiality..into the souls
abyss an misery....

Superficiality that dries, superficiality that dries the
mind, superficiality that dries the eyes, superficiality
that dries one soul making one feel so barren and
so very cold...

Looking into the sea of eyes... the eyes with many
faces, looking into the sea of eyes without faces,
looking into the windows closed from brokenness

and tearful places...

Been to many places seen a lot of faces, faces
lost in spaces crying to behold yet what they

have sold....the soul, the soul has grown cold
the soul has grown winter cold...
openwindows openwindows
41-45, F
Jan 19, 2013