Read This Please, I'm Looking For You.

I had a dream.
I had met this girl, i had not seen her face but only her physique, which was impeccable to say the least.
Her voice was like music to my ears, although i didn't actually hear her speak. Perhaps instead it was her charisma, which spoke.
Every time my eyes laid upon her beautiful body it felt as if the distant white noise of life was suddenly changed to being improvisationally composed by an entire orchestra, with her voice being a lone solo violin playing the most heart-ripping and emotional A string as if it were the last note of music to ever be played by humanity.
It was inspiring.
No, inspiring is a severe understatement.
Ineffable would be better fit.
But even ineffable does not properly explain, because what i felt was above a thought, above a feeling or sensation or that of which occupies the areas outside of speech.
What i felt was truly amazing. And out of the estimated 8 billion people on this earth (Unsure as to how many are girls), i am sure she exists.
I am sure she had the same dream, in which my voice was the lone violin.
I ask you all to talk with me, share your life with me, let me get a momentary glimpse into the story of your life, and let me leave a chapter or two of which will shape the outcome of its ending.
Thank you. That is all.
I await your messages.

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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

The way you write is astonishing. What you wrote was very beautiful!