Follow-up On "What's Wrong With Me?" Grammatically Correctly.

A while ago, I posted something with the title "What's wrong with me?"
Just because I mentioned sex and kissing, doesn't mean that that's what was wrong. It wasn't about that, it was about how they're maturing faster then me. I guess I'm just a late bloomer.
Right now, I have a friend, who is a boy, who is a good friend, and we spend the weekends hanging out and playing video games.  We are really good friends. On the other hand, I have a big crush on him, and my mom says that he has a crush on me. I can't tell if he has a crush on me or not, but the other say, we went to see a play, and at the moment that everything worked out in the play, he held my hand. After that, we had to wait for his dad to pick us up and drop me at my home. During the wait, he apologized, saying "I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable"
I replied saying "No, it was fine." and then I mumbled "I actually liked it" (I'm not sure if he heard the last bit)
After that, I went home, because it was getting late. The next day, we played video games, and hung out. It seemed like we're just friends.
And to make things more complicated, a couple weeks ago, my mom told me something. She told me that he has a mild form of Asperger syndrome.
The one friend that I talk to about stuff like this, says that I should tell him how I feel, But I'm just to shy to talk about stuff like that.
Once again, I just don't know what to do...
He's the only friend that I've had, who even comes close to understanding  me, and if I tell him that I like him, and he doesn't like me "in that way" things'll just get weird between us...
Please don't say stuff like "ewwww! dating someone autistic! autistic people are babys!!11"
He acts just like other people, besides the fact that he's smarter, and talks grammatically correctly.
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Hahah, well now I feel dumb because I just posted a long thing on your other story about sex and kissing and maturity and all that. Just because your friends are having sex doesn't mean they're maturing faster than you. Quite the opposite, actually. But anyway, I think it's sweet that you and that one guy like each other ^_^ even if he's autistic, it sounds like it doesn't matter a whole lot. People shouldn't be judged ba<x>sed on those kinds of things. Hahah, and I think you should tell him how you feel because it sounds like you guys get along very well. Lemme know how it goes!:D -Shannon

Tell him cause the worst is that he will say no, which is very unlikely as it sounds like he likes you alot. good luck!

I would tell him. It sounds lie he likes you. If nothing happens thats fine. You guys can just remain friends. Good luck.

TELL. You never know what is going to hppen until you tell him. You guys seem soo sweet together and i have been in those situation about you have such a great guy friend and you're scared that if you tell him that you like him, that he is just never gonna think of you anymore. <br />
But dont think like that. I actually told the guy that i like him and you know what he liked me back. So dont worry. its going to work out some how! Just keep some faith in it!♥

You'll make his day if you approach him. Believe me guys want girls to be just as obvious as we are to you lol.

I have several friends with aspergers and no they are not babies at all they are very wonderful and capable people. One is actually the child of one of my friends and he likes to hang out with me in warcraft because I do not judge him. I think you should let him know. I hope that it all works out for you.

hun tell him how u feel n if it turns out he don't feel the same (which it sounds like he realli does like u) then just make sure u tell him that no matter wat u still want to b his friend make sure he knoes u value his friendship and that it means something to u n u don;t wanna lose it n as for the whole autism thing......hun who cares! if u like the boy n he likes u then it don;t matter wat other ppl say i've dated a few guys with something like that n it just doesn't matter wat matters is that u like him so don;t even facter that in :)

Well, I think you should tell him...but just try not to be heavy about it...that is what will make it weird.