I would love to have someone that cared enough to try to understand me.  That would like to know me good and bad.

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Thanks Dreamed...I think there is truth to what you said but I don't think that knowing ourselves only comes through knowing others. I don't think we can find a person that is good for us unless we are at peace with ourselves. I am getting closer and better every day. I do think that much can be learned about ourselves through relationships with others. Having someone else that knows you inside and out is a great way to get feedback and understand oneself. But to find that person I think you have to have a degree of serenity that I don't quite have within me yet. It will come soon enough with kindness and patience towards myself. Thanks Dreamed :)

hey thanks Deezerme...I like your name. I did read part of the book The Secret. I do believe that we create our own reality and can change it with our thoughts. I do think it stresses finances too much rather than personal/emotional growth. Thanks for your kind words...I think I will find someone too if I'm patient and staying true to myself.

I felt the very same way. and damned if i didnt meet my best friend ever online. Im friendly and outgoing but definitely march to my own drummer. and proud of it.. I like people who do that. Just be you. not what you think others will like. <br />
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Keep talking online like this and i think you will be amazed that you will meet someone just like you.. that says me too... someone who gets you. though you dont see hard to get. seem like a pretty cool guy to me. <br />
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and with your great attitude, i see lots of good coming your way for sure. Have you watched the secret? I loved that movie. <br />
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Good luck with all. and if you ever want to talk im here.. (well kinda, im new to this site, still figuring how to get around)

sure...you're really far away though!

i'm game if you are mr. automaton...

That totally makes sense Celainn....I do feel much more capable of loving and being loved now that I've had some experience with it....now I've just gotta refine that experience and find someone that is worth my time....wanna give it a shot etherealistic? :)

ooo..ooo..pick me..pick me!...i bet i could get you...i like caring and understanding...

Well I experience both things. I am ultimately idealistic in that I think my life will get better, I will find love, happiness, etc. But as I get older I realize that I've been picturing this future for myself for years and it seems like it might never happen. <br />
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Along the lines of what you said, it is indeed hard for other people to understand us. Especially when we feel we don't even know ourselves. No one really completely knows their self though. We are always finding things out about ourself and that can only happen if we have an incomplete picture of who we are. I just want to feel comfortable with myself. And most importantly I want to feel like other people may actually be able to love me. Or even more miraculous to my mind, that people already do love me. I'm really trying to work on loving myself. Learning to think about how I love myself even when I feel like no one else in the world does.

I feel the same way. I'm not sure it will ever happen. I look at myself and I see muddy water. I can't be still long enough for it to settle. If I can't see through me, then how can anyone else? Do you ever feel it's hopeless, and you will always feel alone? Or do you have hope?

Thanks Kaygirl, I think you would be a great friend to have.

It looks like you've made the first step... opening yourself to everyone says a lot. :) SMILE It gets better