Not One Out There,

There's not a woman alive out there who could understand my personality. In fact, there's not one in the world who would put up with me long enough to even begin to understand. Although it would be nice.

There are a lot of things wrong with me, I'll admit it. I'm not looking for your sympathy, I'm not asking to be cried over. I'm freakin' weird and I've grown to accept that. Back in the day I would try to be someone else, a hard held romantic guy who tried to be all mysterious and blah blah blah. I just sort of gave up.

Having a girl who could sit down with me and actually talk about somthing that means absolutly nothing would make my life. I have conversations ranging from Me settleing the Moon and throwing a Moon party to Long In-Depth history talks. But there are so many random things that come out of my mouth that all I get are dumb looks. I'm tired of looking for someone who'll understand me and I'm just about given up. But. . . if she ever popped up into my life one day. . .man. . .

Charter Charter
18-21, M
Aug 6, 2007