Postcard From the Past

I thought i was understood but it turned out to be mistification or such a phenomenon i ponder on until now and i am not able to find unambigous solution.We have shared the same hobbys and interests and he had been bothered by smilar problems and from a friendship as for me it moulded in feeling of greater power.until now i don't know if it was only a play or sth of a greater importance.he used to pay me some compliments and nice words while on the following day he humiliated me in front of other day he told me that i'm the only one he;s understood by and after some tie he offended me.i was so blind that i blinked at all the things he said or did but eventually our friendship has ended when i meet him i think that he deeply regrets what he had done but its only my assumption.
Maga Maga
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2009