Only One

if just one person could understand me i would be so happy. no one seems to be able to see how much pain im in all the time. not even my mom. thats the one person i wish could understad me. i mean i try to talk to her bout how im feelin but she never hasd time to listen. shes always with her boyfriend sonny. its like she always pickes him over me and my brothers. and when i try to tell her thats wut shes doing she says no shes not. so its like the only people i can trus or that understands me are my family on here my ep daddy and my ep sissy. i want to say thank you 4 bein there 4 me all the time i love yall!!

ilovejosh ilovejosh
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 24, 2009

im to scared to open up so i wish one person could jush see the tears in my eyes

Hugs sis,u r a great person*u can always talk with us,i know how u feel and i understand

you keep trying with your mom, I know there are folks out here that will understand you! Your EP family will be there for you. we love ya too!

I understand you, I have chronic back pain and no seem to understand me, if you need to chat you can send me a message!!