Who Cares?

Why would you want to understood by just one person?  Wouldn't be better to be understood by a lot of people?  Haha just kidding folks, a little levity.  Honestly I don't really care if anyone understands me, I'm not sure I do myself.  Besides, most people that think I'm a lunatic eventually figure out that I had a plan all along.  For example, I thought that $4/gal gas was a great time to buy a SUV.  Man did I get a bargain, and a few months later gas was $1.50/gal.  And ya know what?  MOST people feel like no one understands them MOST of the time, they just hide it better.  Revel in your uniqueness and you'll probably be surprised how often people are intersted in you because you're not a sheep.  When someone tries to make you feel bad because you don't fit into a mold, pity them, they're to scared to stand out themselves.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

Here, here!