I'm Not "normal"

I'm not normal. I've never been normal. I used to get teased about it. Now, people either love me or can't stand me. But really, all I want is to be understood.  They don't have to agree with me.  Just KNOW me!

36-40, F
6 Responses Feb 7, 2010

i wear my abmormalness as a badge of honor. be proud of who and what you are. remain true to yourself and as fo those that dont want to know you it is THEIR loss not yours.

God understands you<br />
and he asks for you to understand him

I know this may sound odd, but i had a friend of mine say those exact same words to me today on skype.. Seems shocking to see them here.... have you ever thought that you are normal, and that other people are the weird ones? <br />
<br />
Then again life is always more fun when you're not just a clone of everyone else ^_^;<br />
being unique has alot of perks! <br />
<br />
And if you want people to know you, then start talking. and let them in. !! best of luck to you!

just do wat u like, stop thinking about wat other people think !!

According to Facebook I'm 1% normal. LOL! When it comes to the bell curve, I'm WAYYYYY on the edge!

I hope you get your wish. I don't think 'normal' exists. If it does, it's in the mind of the beholder.