I Dont Know Anyone I Can Relate To On What I Have Been Through

It has been two years and I have told a grand total of three people what I have been through.  But it wasnt until recently that i realized how badly it was still affecting me.  I need to share and find at least one person who may have a similar story to mine.

I started dating a guy about 3 years ago...and he was the worst mistake of my life.  He was amazing and messing with peoples minds and getting them to believe whatever he wanted them to.  He lied about so many petty things...but there were several huge lies that still affect me.  To begin, my mother has a slight mental condition.  She is on medication but every once and a while she will flip out and go a little crazy, but Its no big deal.  Well this guy found out about her "condition" and started telling me lies about her.  He told me crazy things, and i was so naive and gullible and trusting that I trusted every word he said.  He told me that my moms condition was alot worse that my family was telling me, and that the doctors had installed cameras in my house.  It freaked me out and I stopped spending time at home.  He then later told me after I had gotten really sick that my mom had been putting poison in my food.  He told me that my mom was creepily obsessed with me and would watch the video tapes of me sleeping obsessively and do creepy things while watching them.  He told me his dad was paying for my moms medication so I had to stay with him.  He told me that the doctors were convinced that her condition was genetic and that I was showing symptoms.  He told me that my mom was going to be locked away in a psych ward, that my mom told the doctors that the only was she was going to cooperate was if I went with her and we spent the rest of our lives together.  I believed that my entire family was hiding all of this from me, and I believed all of it.  Just remembering that time in my life...Its crazy.  I never told anyone what I was going through. That was the year I mastered the fake smile, when in truth I wanted to just die.  I would do anything for him though, because I believed he was helping my mom. Until I got sick of it and left him and finally realized what was truth and what was lies.  But it took moving out of my house at 16 and living half in my car for three months to get to the point that i could live in that house again.

There is so much more, and all of this sounds so dumb to believe in, but this guy was a mater of lying.  Truly talented.  I just want to know that someone out there understands what I have been through...

redrose18 redrose18
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010