Getting Over A Spirit Possession

 What I wonder if that if I was possessed before by some kind of evil spirit, does that mean my salvation is gone? 

Before that moment, I used to a free, outgoing, happy, humorous, and ambitious person (however with some moments of depression).  Now I feel almost as if it took away the life out of my personality, like I became...blah and dull, and completely don't care about anything.  Like I don't know what to live for, and barely get enjoyment out of anything.  I feel like the light within me went missing.  

I did read the bible.  It brought up jesus casted out demons, but I'm not sure if it talked about the aftermath of those people.  Like whether they still had the holy spirit or if the holy spirit was gone.  They do have an advantage though.  They were able to see Jesus in person.  

Does anybody have any stories about the aftermath, like the period of time after the evil spirit/s leave?  With me, I think the spirit/demon (or whatever it was) left around Jan.  but I'm still trying to figure out what, happened, why it happened, whether I can still have my salvation....

It's a bummer, I feel like the trama slowed me down in school. :(  It REALLY sucks how this had to start right before my senior year of college (horrible timing).  

Can anyone relate with me?  After that kind of event/trama can you get back into being able to concentrate in school, or try to find a job, or even wanting to socialize again.   

After being possessed, it's totally changed my concept of time and I feel like it hurt my memory. :(  What happened to me could be diagnosed as  schizophrenia from a medical authority but what makes me think it was not a schizophrenic episode was that the voice in my head was telling me things that were accurate.  Like someones name would be said.  Then 5-10 minutes later, I'd see that person walking on the street.  Or a voice in my head would mention a scenario, then when talking to somebody they would tell me about the scenario.  The fact that it just came out of nowhere and left out of nowhere doesn't seem schizophrenic.  

I still attempt to go to church and read scripture.  I wonder if what I'm going through now is a test from God, and he's taking an extreme measure to test my faith in him, or if my salvation is no present anymore.  I've done research but there is so many different ways for me to interpret something.  

I try to prey and reach out to God.  It scares me when I read stuff that says "God's children only", or "Only those who have the holy spirit".  I'm questioning whether I do have it, or whether after I was possessed it got taken away.  :( 

 So yeah, I believe in God and his son Jesus,  and I'm trying to reach out to them, but I'm still agnostic/questioning towards whether I have my salvation.   

This is something a lot of people wouldn't understand.  Friends-no. Parents-no.  Nuns and pastors-they probably think I'm crazy.  Psychologists/Doctors-Hell no.  

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i know how you feel it has happened to me and is still happening its ruining my life

dear journeytowhere, <br />
Thank you much for posting. I liked when you said "This is something a lot of people wouldn't understand. Friends-no. Parents-no. Nuns and pastors-they probably think I'm crazy. Psychologists/Doctors-Hell no." <br />
I went through a possession, and I'm sane now, but it indeed feels like this post-traumatic stress that just makes me aware of how scary life/consciousness can get. SunriseMountain has an interesting notion with the concept of attachment. I'm still struggling to let go of moments in trance because I don't know if it's a good entity or a bad entity - because, although the insights are not particularly mainstream - SOME are Biblical and they seem somewhat logical at times/ even beneficial to society - because, lets face it, sometimes mainstream culture doesn't always teach perfect guidance - which is just true. Also, in my experience, there SEEMS to be a difference between the bad possession states and the ones that seem logical to a sound mind. (Not sure if my sound mind is still haunted with an attachment, though as this is indeed food for thought and worth meriting deep consideration; but group prayers will hopefully help with that, soon in the future *fingers crossed*). Anyhow, I praise your bravery for writing this - I'm so scared to talk about this kind of thing with anyone, really, so it's nice to know I'm not entirely alone in the quiet game. I don't think your salvation is gone. These are a few things that I tried to get my joy back: 1) Studied Proverbs & Sirach to help me benefit most from my actions towards society/ get good reactions back. Judging people is a concept that confuses me, but NOT judging people seemed to help. I thought I was WAY to Christian to try vegetarian or the makers diet, but those are fun - so is fasting when other ppl are doing it. I don't like eating pork because of the Jesus sending spirits in the pigs story/ my waste-line/ the cool stories in (Maccabees???) about the Jewish martyrs in Rome - all over pork! (The Jesus/pigs avoidance could be complete superstition on my part, but I do find the proverb interesting which says "A woman who shows no discretion is like a gold ring in a pig snout - my devout days were also mixed with a lack of discretion - go fig..) The martyr story is just epic, which is why it brings me joy - but to each his/her own!:). Anything delightful to the imagination should help ya, and I'm so sorry you are going through this.:( I pray the Rosary and the "August Queen of Heaven", sometimes, though neither these or the Lord's Prayer will work a lick during a bad dream.:/ Eastern exercises like yoga and qigong are nurturing exercises for a sad/recovering soul. Anyhow, " The Lord will surely comfort Zion and have compassion on all of her ruins, joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing!" (Isaiah 51) BEST OF LUCK, Chickie! May God Bless! Hope something in here helps just a little bit and thanks again, for posting!

Hey, I'm not sure about this, it sounds frustrating. I think that maybe you are just upset by something. If it is more complicated than it should be, talk to a friend, people really need you don't be afraid to make small talk.

would it help if i said i can understand how you would feel that way? and think that way? srry but thats all i can really say or do...