Part II

My parents decided to send me back to school but things just aren't the same.  My dad, brother and friends have suspicion that I've changed but they have no clue why and I could never try to attempt to tell them why.  

So now I'm back in school. It's my 2nd semester of my 4th year at Uni.  I just figured out I have to change my option for my major.  I feel so unmotivated, and can't concentrate.  I'm easily distracted.  I've never attempted to go to school after a spirit possession...I'm scared it'll affect my intellectual memory, and that I won't do well.  :( It's affected why I have to change my major.   (because one of the tests for a prereq class is about how fast I are at drawing something, and I got slowed down :( , plus i have to get an A in that class...since the major is impacted) 

I'm scared because I did financial aid for the 1st 3 years of university, now I have a grant this year.  I'm scared of not doing well in school.  I have 16 more classes to go.  :( 

I'm super worried about finances.  If I have to not finish school, Im so scared about wasted money and my future.  I've already taken all the classes that are available at community college.  

I'm worrying a lot about my future these days.  The 1st 3 years of school I was doing so well, and getting all A's and B's, and then i had to have that trauma come out of nowhere.  Seriously, why after the 3rd year!  Even when I was getting all A's and B's, I still had a learning disability, but I was an ambitious hard worker.  Now I've had a psychological set back, and a disability.  :( 

The only thing I can think of is to go to the disabilities support center and write in a log how much time I've invested on homework.  

This is definately something NOBODY will understand.  That's why I'd rather talk about this online instead of in person to anyone.  

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think about yourself in 5 years... where do you want to be? just remember, getting there is not easy; part of it is working hard... that is the stager where you are now!