Treasure Chest Of Masks

Inside the treasure chest of social etiquette many masks do lay. Each day I wake up and sift through searching for the perfect one. What will I be for someone today? The ‘best-friend-who-listens’, the ‘daughter-who-calls’, the ‘dedicated-worker’ or, on maybe a more negative note, the ‘sister-who-refuses-to-clean-up-after-her-brother’s-stupid-parties’?  Perhaps today I’ll be all, or maybe even none? Ever prepared I carry my treasure of masks, quick to switch to the one best suited to the current situation. With knowing eyes I stare at the faces all wearing the same lies, wondering who these strangers truly are? Everyone wears masks, but being one of the best masqueraders around, I know how to make them take their masks off. For I know, that if you wear the mask too long, the skin starts to die underneath, smothered in the darkness of that suffocating mask that obligation has forced you to endure. I allow them to breath and see the true unchanging face that lies beneath all mysterious masks, if only for a moment. Yet such actions make me wonder, who has the courage to take mine off and see the real me? 

KibblesNBits KibblesNBits
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm glad you all appreciated it. And you are right Favitra, one day I will find that person.

That was amazing and hard hitting. I like it!

Answer: someone who has finally earned your trust. :)

I do like what you wrote here. Thank you for sharing.