I Think I May Have Found Someone Who Does

I think for the first time in my life I have found someone who seems to get me.  We met online and for once in my life I feel like I have someone in my life who understands me.  We have not met in person.   But, we have exchanged pictures so I know what she looks like and she knows what I look like. At first giving up my anonymity terrified me, but I feel like I can trust this person completely. . We spend so much time chatting and it is great, but also confusing.  We talk about everything including sex and I have never felt more stimulated intellectually, emotionally, or physically by anyone before.  This is what I should be getting out of my marriage and my friendship in "Real Life"  whatever the hell that means.  I cherish this new relationship with this person beyond what I can express in words, but I am also so mixed up inside too.  I guess I will just have to figure this out somehow.

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

what the hec you only live once, that happend to me too ... I meet the most amazing man and i scared him off all bacue i was too afraid to go for it ... i will say treat this gift wit integrity be honest to this person and go for it if it doesnt work out at list you know in your heart you have tried xxx

At this point you need to realize all life is real. No one has the luxury of living two lives at once. This new person is feeding an empty spot in your life. Find what that empty spot is. Why is she filling it? What can you do to make that empty spot full without anyone else filling it?<br />
You need to be very complete before you drag yourself off to be filled by wives, children, lovers, buddies. I know. I've been empty. It can be filled with the best love in the world. But it is only a cover, the hole is still inside. I discovered the hole. You need to find that empty space. This new person may be the one to share your whole life experience with, I am not trying to talk you into or out of anything with regard to her or anyone else. <br />
What i feel is that there is an emptiness that you are avoiding. There is a truth in you that you by-pass. When you avoid someone, or worse, when you get angry you are feeling this emptiness, this terrible void. When you acknowledge it is there. When you take the time to admit it is there. When you embrace it and take care of it, and fill it with your genuine capacity to love. Then, you will have a complete person to share with whom ever you like. Be complete, do not give yourself away with these incomplete needs and unfulfilled dreams. Name them and let them be healed, resolved, put into motion.<br />