Ineed Friends To Talk To Becouse Idont Have Any Afriend That Ican Trust And Talk Too

Hello friends let me hope they is some to cry with me this night

Am 25 years old  no job never been in love no friends abuse sexualy

By every man promised me love and now ihave developed mastrubation

Iwant the way out  am disappointed with myself and each day that goes by

Am loosing myself which idid not even have ever since iwas kid my dad

Use to come home drunk and me and mumy we could sleep in the bush

I dont know what love isand iwas abused sexual by family members @

The age of 8 live with my aunt who always reminded me that am

Good for nothing only God has been the person to give me hope for living another day

Do you guys think my life canturn around for the better?

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22-25, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

of course your life can change, but it will probably change faster with those who understand your story