If One Human Can Understand Me Iwould Thank God For That

ihave always wondered why am me ihave amind that is different from my friends i love to be free doing what iwant and how iwant it but Guys you dont  

Know African we do things in generly way if your different people think your abad girl and there start to call  you names and sometimes stop their kids not be your friend ihave failled to find atleast one person who can understand me

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I envy that "here4uandme". <br />
I wish i never cared about what others thought about me, then i wouldn't hate myself.

i more than agree. I would love to have just one person in my life that understood me and accepted me completely for who I am. Too many people are out there trying to be what everyone else wants them to be. i am sick of it. I am always myself, no matter what. I am never afraid to show my true colors. Accept me or don't. I look at it as their loss.

overall it's just people in general. we're all unique and have a different mindset...some will be able to relate, others will not. this world is vast, you will find people.