Only One Understand Me Is The Whole World For Me

yes.. one person will be enough for me & worth the whole world. i need that one who understand my heart, my needs to love..respect..careing and to have me as his priority number one in life. i feel that i deserve this thing since i havent felt with the closest persons in my life. i have so much love in me and and i know i can give so much of love for that person who can get me for who iam inside and love me the way make him understand me the most..

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

thank u Simple simonette for ur great comments. it helps alot. i defenetly will learn something from ur exeperience in the matter and i guess u r right that understanding myself and accept it is the key. and it comes first, but still u need a support and a loving person to hand u a help to get through ur way of exeploring urself safely. i really like what u have wrote and will consider it. hope things is going better with ur life too. thanks again

This really spoke to me because I know how you feel. I've felt that way most of my life - no need to bore you with my dysfunctional family stories - but I feel how you were raised contributes a lot to not feeling understood.<br />
What I've learned in my life though - after getting finding a guy who could love me and marrying him, after having children of my own - was the best way to feel understood is understanding yourself. I think what really motivates our behavior is hidden beneath a mountain of extraneous emotions. Few people take the time to identify the true meaning behind their feelings, it is so much easier to go with the first emotional response.<br />
I'm not trying to take away from how you feel - I've been there and done that - but even meeting the perfect guy for me did not remove my need to be understood. It wasn't until I began the journey to understand myself that I felt completely me.<br />
Good luck in your life.