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I wish my parents could understand me that I've never wanted to leave them but I need to have and live my own life. Im getting engage and movng to another country in order to be with my bf and study Master's .. They dont understand and cant accept it. They keep telling me that Im so cruel to them and its not fair that after they had been waiting for me for so long until I graduated Bachelor's and now I wanna leave them again. How can I make them understand that I truly love them and make them happy even though I cant be physically close to them? .. Im so sad and wish they could understand me ..

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Thank you so much Nudy, I truly appreciated ..<br />
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Hugs ~

Yeah, and because she finds it hard to let me live my life, I feel very guilty to walk away ..

That pic D.D,are you ok?Good to see you,sorry your parents are making you feel restriction/you seem to be an extremly loyal forgiving person+you gotta look after your needs.Surely oneday your parents will want to see your little ones running around,you need to fly the coup but as a mum,Im sure+as you say,they Love you+find it hard to let go of their princess

Thks so much .. really .. you made it easier for me :)

Your prospects outweigh the need to satisfy your parents hold over you, they are manipulating you with their concern for the fact they want the best for you, however you are doing what most parents can't even supply for their children. They should count themselves lucky that they don't have me as a child, I used drugs, never had further education and have never travelled escept for holidays. i also have never been engaged.<br />
You should just get on with what YOU want to do, you are a good enough person to take their feelings into account, they being your parents should do the same UNCONDITIONALLY. I can't see what their problem is, they need to let go of this, just go and live your dreams, they will have to get used to it at some point, the sooner the better.

Thks so much and Ill try my best to make them understand ..

i understand you and i think if your parents read this article they will understand you too. You are out to fight for you future and career. As parents, they should support you. And once you leave them try to contact them as frequently as possible to make them feel that although you are physically away from them but your heart is becoming even closer to them then ever before.