But I'm Also Afraid Of Someone Understanding Me....

I want desperately for someone to understand me, understand who I am, how I feel, to understand life from my point of view. But... I'm also terribly afraid of someone understanding me.

I'm afraid that if someone understands me, they will not accept me. They will see who I am and will be repulsed by some aspect of my person.  Understanding is not necessarily acceptance, and that is scary. I am also afraid, if they do understand and accept me, I will be too much. That I will inadvertently smother them in my presence, feelings, and opinions. Would I be able to hold back? One person who gets who I am. Could I resist pouring myself all over them? 

When will my antics grow old? When will they decide I am no longer worth the effort? What happens when someone who finally understands you, gives up? Sometimes I can't help but doubt the virtue of understanding...

unsanity unsanity
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

Where do you live? You may be different like I am with the principles of life.