Do You Understand?

Even around people I seem to have things in common with, I still feel like the oddball out. I don't ever feel like anyone just "gets" me.

It's probably mostly my fault for being shy. Or because I don't truly understand my own self. But it gets lonely when you're the only one who thinks like you do. Even though I'm a little fuzzy on the finer details of myself, I still think I do a pretty good job of letting people know who I am. And there are those that accept me for who I am. But, somehow, I still feel alone and misunderstood.

Maybe it's all in my mind.

mimsy2 mimsy2
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8 Responses Oct 8, 2008

...You sound like a awsome nice and unique girl to me. And it's ok to be "fuzzy on the details" as long as you are ok with it... Don't over analyze thing, I know I do sometimes, it blurs the things that are important in life. I know by experience. I think you are just missing sme detail in life and that obscures your veiw. You are the best of being your self no one can beat that, not anyone on this planet. There is only you! You are unique by being an oddball... I think you just have to pin point what is missing in your life, may be a pet =) Hugs and Kisses mimsy2! //HTH83

I don't think that you sound anything other than normal. Maybe it is just that I can relate to your experience, but I think that some people just don't "get it" and they might be more interested in the appearance, as opposed to a truly deep connection. Maybe you are just on a different level than others, and maybe your desire to be understood has more to do with your level of intellect and the lack of connection ability on the part of others. I don't know but maybe . . ..

Oh, yes, I love zombies. And I love to exploded them *evil grin*

My problem isn't exactly getting people to listen (well, a lot of times yes), but it's really getting people to understand once they do listen.

Well, part of me always wanted to be an actress. But.. naaahh. I'd die from all of the attention of being on stage. I'm getting a lot better at being less shy though. I think I just need to be around people more. I'll consider theatre for later in life though =)

But I'm not as shy or quiet around people I know for a long time. The more I know someone, the more open I am about myself. You could be right though. It's just hard for me to tell if I'm explaining it right or not. No one ever say "can you elaborate?", they just give me odd looks or change the subject.

gaww.. ::blushes:: Thanks hon!

It may also be as simple as your communication skills. Many people- especially shyer, quieter people- think they are communicating their intentions much clearer than they really do.