Jessica Did It

A few years back a mail from anonymous thanking me.. I reverted the message asking who the person was .the person was a girl named jessica.
I got a mail back with her name and apology that i was a wrong one to get the message.
I replied its ok and sent a message to be friends and got the same.
From then , our story started. Chatting for hours , messaging.All this is because of her beauty the very first time I saw her face on my webcam.
Slowly we became close to each other.We were close and I started making adult jokes on her and got a positive response.I just was dying for her milky thighs as she she always used to wear short jeans.
I was becoming with her as the days went on.and one day I asked I wish to see her naked.She left the chat room. I felt so disappointed and bad worrying I might not see her again.No response for few days.
I almost trying to come out of her and concentrating on new things.But one day before dawn I got a mail from jessica.
I was amazed to see the invitation message to private chat room that evening.Latter I worried about what she was going to tell.I did not go out that day.I remained in my room with laptop for hours till that evening.I finally turned on the webcam and the entered private chat .I could see noone for for sometime.But she later came " she was nude !".I thanked her a lot.She said that She believed in me and wanted .It was the day I did not sleep reminding her beauty all the day.

vikramsinhrathod vikramsinhrathod
18-21, M
Sep 23, 2012