Is This Happneing Somewhere In World

i wonder if girls are used as sex slave and sold at auction in real somewhere...if it is please check me if i am a fit
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I am a shemale looking to be sold as a sex slave. No limits (5592307079 Jonnie

Yes you are good enough to be bought and sold at auction. But like one of the previous said, you would have no rights, you would be a piece of property and treated as such. It is not for everybody, and may not be for you. IF you want to know more message me and we can speak about it.

Yes, but you would have to move And you would be taken care of as owned property. And also controlled as owned property and perhaps rented out, sold , traded, and so on.

I spent 8 years working in the middle east where women are still very much still simple property. Their liberties and autonomy are completely left up to the man that owns them. They can't drive, have their own money and often can't leave the house without their his approval. <br />
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Over there and across asia minor (Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc) women are bought and sold like cattle. I owned a total of 6 while I was there and had 3 the last year I lived there. Patriarchy is a great system.

I heard they do that in China. You are fit. I would make you my sex slave even though I am in Thailand. I have Gonorrhea and I will force you to have unprotected sex with me. I will not let you go to get treated.