The Audition For A Slave Auction

Just a little test run from a potential slave master   :)

Keeley read the advertisement “Like to relive history and earn money by taking part in a professional and artistic video production.  Nudity required for period authenticity”
 Was this a seedy sex film or could this be an opportunity for her to develop her acting skills?  She phoned to get more details.  The friendly lass on reception told it was not company policy to disclose plots or remuneration on the telephone but the production did include a scene where female slaves were auctioned.  Keeley was given the address of a well known city rehearsal room and asked if she could be there promptly at 11.00 am the following Monday. Roles would be allocated based on auditions and camera tests.  If she had a portfolio would she bring this along too.  Curious to know more she  promised she would be there
Putting the phone down Keeley was hit by a sudden panic.  What should she wear for this audition? Would she be able to wear it (or keep it covered)  on public transport?  Might it be best to drive into the town centre and park at the rehearsal room?

Please help to continue this story
Perhaps describe Keeley’s outfit
The set resembles an expensive Roman style house with correct period furnishings and food and wine are in abundance.  Describe some of the competitors and the varieties of outfits eg. Jeans, schoolgirl, minis, pole dancer  or leather BDSM
Describe the various items of what may be BDSM equipment
Jerry suggest people still clothed stand near the furniture of BDSM equipment they would most like to use
Keeley is a little slow and can only take what remains.  It is a beautifully carved wooden bench that on close examination has foot supports and was obviously a period version of a gyno bench
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Jan 16, 2013