Something to Live Up to Or Something to Live By?

My sister: Accomplished, determined, brilliantly smart, and lets not forget beautiful. Yes. Thats her. She skipped 4th grade and just graduated highschool. But she didn't just graduate highschool. She graduated at the top of her class. High honours in everything as well as class validictorian. You could say I have a lot to live up to. But the thing is, I have no problem with filling her shoes, because I know I'm not really filling her shoes, I'm just making my own shoes to fill. My sister radiated such confidence and poise up on that stage, reading her speech, that it made me think to what I can accomplish. And its not just about accomplishing good grades. We can all acomplish anything we want to, ecspecially with a little look at what it's like when we reep the reward. And my sister, up there on that stage, happiness etched across every line in her face, got her reward. And we all deserve that. We do. Thats what I would like for all of us. Happiness in our own achievement, and in ourselves. Knowing that the world is our oyster once we dare to take a look and open it up.
kaykers kaykers
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2007