Me Too

but its never happend before so i doubt it will again.ive kind of given up. most women just see the wheelchair anyway
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1 Response May 8, 2012

WELL - I think sometimes it is so easy to use our handicap, no matter WHAT it is , or how significant it really has to do with the real person, as a CRUTCH. Sorry for the idiosm but its so true! If one is blind they could easily say so, or deaf, or one with Fibromyalgia , who aches like they have the flu 24/7,365.....<br />
In all honesty , if you really sit back and look out the window at it, would you rather have YOUR handicap, (a wheelchair) or an invisible one??????<br />
One is just as great as the other. I am very open to people in wheelchairs. One of my very best friend in the world has had a hard time after being confined to one and she once blew my mind when she said "you are the only friend that stuck by me" ! WHY!?????/ Heres why i think 1) Sometimes we DO indeed let that "handicap" rule us..2) People are scared of the unknown REACH OUT!! You have an awwwwsum personality!!! Go for it!