A Letter For Heaven's Angel

Will you still be there
if I close my eyes for a little while
I feel myself is slowly drifting away
from every tear falling to your face
I can still hear you saying "I feel okay"
repeatedly inside my crying head
Help me remember cause I'm gonna miss
voices I wanna hear forever

Why do you seem so far away this time?
Why can't we fight this and just run away
to a place where we're not meant to be broken?
Knowing I won't see you next to me
gets me scared to wake up in the same world
you left behind with taking my core away
Is this called an end? Is this really an end?
Shouldn't it be a happy ending
if we shared the same feeling?

The world doesn't look the same without you
Would you please just take my soul with you?
Don't you hate it to see me dying here?
Can you see me? Can you hear me
screaming your name to the silent sky?
How far is heaven from the place I stand
helplessly waiting death to pick me?
Where should I go to find you again?

The air tastes like a poison in my lungs
As emptiness takes over holes in my heart
Every part of me is missing your presence
But everything reminds me of your absence
Does it matter now? I've died when I lost you

HakujitsuSeiten HakujitsuSeiten
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012