500 Lashes With A Bullwhip

I've been whipped numerous occasions over the last six years by three different Mistresses and actually made videos with two of them. So I guess to say that I am a certifiable heavy-duty whip ****!

It's very painful ! And today I have a back that looks normal but doesn't welt easily and turns into burning shoe leather for a few days after the whipping.

Oddly enough, I keep going back for more of this brand of torture and actually impressed the Mistresses! The most effective instrument of torture for me is the six foot "OWK" brand "cruel lady" single-tail bullwhip. It has a relatively heavy and blunt end, genuine bullwhip handle and is far more painful than a similar whip with a cracker at the end. I have also found that the whips that make the most noise and visible bloody lashes (YUM!) are the thin light ones with crackers but unfortunately these inflict less pain than the aformentioned one and so I consider them less desireable for an authentic, painful whipping. And no, the lashes are not permanent, they go away in about ten days - even the bloody ones.

My preferred position is a tight spread-eagle stance with lashes firmly applied only to my back. I've actually kept a rough tally of the heavy lashes endured on each session over the years and have found that it is not difficult to obtain a high number of authentic and heavy lashes in a session if one takes a short breather every fifty lashes or so and has the willingness to remain "in position" for an hour or more. It's possible to do this if your arms and wrists are not bound so tightly so as to reduce blood circulation.

An audience will often add to the pleasure (for all of us!) I have found as I derive satisfaction from having others witness my suffering and stamina. Yes, it really is painful - and satisfying!

I have a high tolerance for cold (and pain obviously!) so my ultimate fantasy is an outdoor bullwhipping on a cold wet day while secured spread-eagle in a whipping frame, with an audience of course. Mistress is aware of this but unfortunately we haven't been able to locate a suitable location as of yet.

My current record for lashes endured in one session is 500, and was reached over the years in steps starting around a hundred six years ago. My current Mistress and I are aiming for a personal best of 1,000 by Christmas but easier said than done!!

Want to know more? Just ask!

Regards, Eduello
eduello eduello
51-55, M
5 Responses Oct 21, 2010

would she do this to me? really want this have been beaten with a riding crop cat of nine tails but a whip? sounds great

Eduello, make some movies of you being whipped! I'm sure there are a lot of cute, sexy girls who would watch with eager excitement.

Whipping parties are terrific. You draw lots by playing cards and if you pull out an ace, you're the one to be whipped. I've drawn 'lucky' several times and stripping down to a leather g string, having my wrists tied to flexible door straps, I wait while the others decide who's to carry out the whipping.<br />
<br />
The waiting, whilst the female 'whipper' also in a g string, teases you with gentle strokes before the first big crack acroos the back, wonderful. After ten strokes, a glass of wine is taken before re-starting.

Wow....a whipping party! I'd love to see it. It seems to me that the purpose of whipping someone would be either because the power I would feel wielding a whip making someone take extreme pain just because I can make you do it. I would want an audience to appreciate my strength and skill and my ability to make you do ANYTHING I want.

The other would be the excitement of the sadistic scene. Would I get hard just from the excitement of inflicting pain?....just causing you to writhe on a rope, contorting your body into agonized positions...just because seeing you in pain excites me?

Anyway, I'm not sure witnessing a real whipping or meeting a good whipping out myself would even be erotic...I'd have to experience it to find out. In other words, would seeing you screaming in pain just because I wanted you to...give me a hardon?

i want to be whipped it is a fettish of mine. i am still a whip virgin :( i would love to feel the whip lashing back and but

you are lucky - where can i get such mistress i want to be flogged