I've always felt this way ...

I've never gone the totally conventional route ... sure I've worked 9-5 ... I married (twice in fact) and had a child ... but alongside my conventional life I always pursued interests which might be considered unusual.  Above all I've always insisted on having my own space in which to stretch my wings ...
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thanks southernman ... now go have another coffee!!

I guess I haven't had enough coffee yet. what I was trying to say is "That's what makes you the woman we know and love."

I think it's important to be your own person. But there's a fine line between that and being selfish ... I suspect there is an element of selfishness involved anyhow ...

And that's what you you the woman we know and love.

well that's the way it is anyhow ... always was ... and always will be.

Totally with you WIB. You are a wonderful person

So being a beautiful, wise, intelligent, honorable, compassionate, and completely lovable Lady ... wel I think your just peachy keen young lady!!!!!!