I Am My Own Man.

Me I've lived my life as my own life. Even if the choice to do so was based on some far away idles life. My grandfather died before I was born but he left a legacy and all the stories they tell of him, makes him sound like how I'd want to be.
I've sculpted myself off of that.
My Grandfather did what he wanted to do, for who he wanted to, when he wanted to.
He couldn't be judged by outsiders unless he really cared about the person. He carried a purse and when men would mock him for it
, he'd simply say "Don't make me hit you with my purse" with a smile.
That's the kind of person I am, because if you respect yourself, others naturally feel inclined to respect you too.

So when you see yourself in the mirror and you see something you hate, you don't like, do what I do. Realise that's who you are, you can change it if you want.
But don't let anyone make you someone you're not, otherwise you'll start finding more things you hate but in reality, it's only THEY that hate them.

And if they hate them so what?

TannerM TannerM
18-21, M
Jan 2, 2011