Do They Or Don't They?

After being on this site and exploring a lot of the members and content from men in particular who enjoy watching their wives being with other men, I catch myself looking at couples and friends of mine in "real life" and wondering if they think the same thing SO often now! And in an almost torturous way it is nearly impossible to find out if they are into it other than very careful flirting or conversation dropping...... does anyone have any success in finding out without ruining their friendship or reputation?
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Experience with trying to make vertical friends into horizontal ones? We have tried it a few times with women as far as suggesting a FMF. These women were not friends but horny strangers that we had met in bars. They all shut down the idea very quickly as they couldn't get their heads around it. One of my wife's female friends suggested it to us many years ago but my wife couldn't agree. She asked my wife if she could just suck my **** and I pulled it out for my treat only to be told no by my wife.<br />
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We are now into the "alternative lifestyle" and we almost always take friends from that same pool. No sense fishing where there's no fish.

I would say, may be one out ten stories may be in realistic and genuine and the auther of the story may have experienced it. The rest probably wish to share their wives but haven't had an opportunity presented to them. As far as me as a wife, I don't wanna be shared but I would like to do it discretely, no question asked. And I'll deny it if my husband would quizz me on this.. That just me.. My secret is mine and mine alone.

I disagree with itsfuntoshare. When I was married, my husband and I had several 3 somes with his very good friend who lived out of town. Our careers would not ever allow us to join a swingers club. Therefore, he asked a trusted friend if he was interested as we thought it would be hot. Discretion is of utmost importance! The swingers club thing may have members that do not have as much to lose as you do by joining. My ex husband in fact asked a couple of other guys. He used to sort of joke around with the guys. They were good friends of his. The other guys did not pick up on it that it was real and therefore, they all laughed it off if they did not jump at the chance to be with us.

itsfuntoshare - also good points..... I think you are right to never mix with friends and completely understand that. Even if I was to guess right about a friend couple it could still lead to ruining the friendship down the road should we not have the kind of relationship that can handle it or due to not being removed enough from the situation (we would see each other in social situations as well). I guess I'll just have to approach total strangers (kidding!)

welv2hvefun - that scene from Raising Arizona sounds funny and also like a good lesson... that's exactly what my worst fear is. I've come to that realization and feel like the risk of losing a friend is just too high. You make some good points about social wiring, plus I wonder if some men and women can only handle it as a fantasy and may actually react differently if it became a reality for them?<br />
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Thanks for the tips and I'll definitely check out some other websites..... and as you say I'll just have to let you and your wife make the first move! ;) that would be like winning the 1 in a 1000 lottery or even better!!!

Did you ever see the movie Raising Arizona? Where a guy who has read all the "signs" proposes wife-swapping and gets his nose broken by Nick Cage? Risky business, even if all the signs are there. Even worse if you are adding friends to the mix. You can lose a friendship as well as some blood. This is not from personal experience, I have resisted that temptation, but through the experience of others.<br />
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If a couple is interested in you, let them make the first move. Realize, though, that it might never happen. Although an MFM ********* is a really common fantasy for both men and women there is just so much social wiring in the way of acting on it that it probably doesn't happen that often outside of the swinging lifestyle. And even in the lifestyle there seem to be about 1000 horny, mostly clueless, guys for every interested couple so it can be pretty frustrating for the single male there to.<br />
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If this fantasy really grabs you why not check out If you read the archives and pay attention to what couples and single guys who are successful in hooking up with couples say, you have a chance of being that 1 in a 1000 who scores. <br />
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Good luck.