I Love Other Women's Breasts!

Before I never thought i was bi or gay. I raised three girls was in a loving relationship with my husband. He was very strait sex was ok. I fell in love with another man who gave me as much freedom as I wanted. We tried swinging...I made love to 4 other men at the same time. Had men *** in me. When I drink I get very preditory. I love hunting down the shy men on the dance floor. Then all of a sudden...or so it seemed. I became very curious of other wmoens bodies. I love my breasts...wish they were bigger with larger nipples....So I guess it felt right to want to play with other womens breasts. I tried to find other women who felt the same at clubs and resorts. I have female friends at work who are out there too but just haven't found the right one. I have played with other women at parties. I'm always surprised at how other women want to play with another girl who seem very str8 and let their guard down and their tops up! lol. I tried oral sex with several other women. I think I would be in heaven if I could find another who is breast feeding/lactating. I never breast feed my girls....wish I had now. So I'll keep looking knowing my man will support my explorations...knowing he will love me not matter what I get myself into. Cheers ladies! K.
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When we were swinging, my late wife used to occasionally like another woman to have sex with as long as their fingernails were short.

Oh, I am right there with you!! I have a total fascination with large, hard nipples; and it seems that the best way to enjoy them would be if they were lactating............not sure where the desire came from, as I'm married and have always considered myself hetero, but I would LOVE to find a woman who wanted to play. I CRAVE it!!