My Eternal Love I Want to Be With.

I have this relationship with a man that loves me and respects me and he wants be to be his wife someday. But at the start of last year we were together but with lots of problems. He didn't have a job and he was frustrated and most part of my family didn't like him and they didn't like the idea of us getting married. But he wanted to marry me if he could get a job, but his family pressures him and my family also. We decide to put a date to our wedding, in the summer. But first he had to deal with his financial problems, but he couldn't. And then he decided to suspend the wedding, at first I didn't understand but I realized it was the decision, how were we gonna live like? My family got mad and said that he didn't love me. But he was doing it to protect me, because he didn't want me to suffer like that. but then the worse happened. My boyfriend wanted somebody to help him out with smoething and he decided to talk to my father and I said no because I know how smart my father can be when it comes to money and he never loses even if he's wrong. But my boyfriend made his decision, went and talk to my father. I knew this will turn out bad, so I said to him not I'm going to get involved in this situation and asked him to keep me out of this. But the worst was about to come real. The pressure that he felt all this time had exploded, he didn't have no money, no job and he couldn't take it anymore. He decided to break up with me so I couldn't suffer anymore, because we couldn't see each other and we were always fighting because he didn't come over. He was going to pay my father for the help that he gave him because he couldn't do a ice cone cart for him so he decide to give him the money. But when my father found out that we broke up he went mad because he thought he was not going to pay and he told me to contact him or he was going to go to the police and put him in jail. so I talked to his mother and he called me back and I explained the situation then he asked to let him talk with my father, but it didn't turn out very well my father didin't wanna listen to him and screamed at him and told him that if he didin't pay him back in 2 months that he was going to call the police. But my father was going to play a trick on him trying to use me. My father told me to use my feelings to try to convince him to give the money back in two weeks or he will call the police in 2 weeks and also my father said to me that if I did this he will give part of the money, but I didn't do it. I think I don't know my father anymore. I wanted to protect the love of my life even if we weren't together. So on a Saturday, my exboyfriend's brother in law came and geve my father the money. and my father said to that since I didn't help him out that will not receive any money, but I didn't cared one bit about that stupid money. I hate my father for that. Anyway six months later passed and I found out by my best friend that my exboyfriend left to the United States to work and that he was living with his mother. so I decided to call his mother and asked if i can talk to him. and i got the chance to talk. we talked every night, i tried to convince him to get back together but he said no he was hiding his feelings. until the day i decided to live and go to the United States with my mother to work over there. When I told what i was going to do, he decided to tell me that he always loved me and asked me get back together again and I accepted. But i'm still here in Puerto Rico because things have changed. I still have to wait till my mother gets her apartment but that does not separate us one bit because we know that either way we are going to be together. But for now we have to keep our relationship a secret even if my family hates him for no reason. We will fight to be together until end of our lives. God will help us shine through. That is our wish and desire. Our LOVE is ETERNAL.   

Michuca Michuca
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

I hope that someone can learn from it and defend what they love.