If I Can Be Trustworthy...

Why cant they?  if i can love fully I deserve the same.  If I am respectful i deserve respect.  If am sensitive careful not to damage I want someone who is careful with me.  If i am loyal and true and honest why shouldn't the favor come back to me?  If I am there when i'm needed can't i have someone who is there for me in my time of need?  If I try to be understanding can I not be understood?   its not so hard..
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Lol. you should try that stuff valarian. or mb Kava kava or both.

um....what????<br />
You guys are talking in circles!<br />
There is NO peace on this earth to be had!!!!! Why people expect it is BEYOND me!!!!!<br />
Jesus is the ONLY exception and gee, we can't even physically see Him! <br />
and of course people do things conditionally....it's called survival!....or at its worst, capitalism.

So true. Peace always.

That is good advice.. i don't think the takers will spontaneous blossom into givers either. .. not usually <br />
<br />
lol thats the problem that a lot of givers have then maybe. They think everyone else will be kind to them. <br />
The good thing is that it doesn't deplete you to give. Your actually giving a gift to yourself not taking away as sometimes it seems. You can give yourself inner peace.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you seek. It reminds me of "A Warm Fuzzy Tale" © 1969 by Claude Steiner. Find it on the Internet. I think you'll like it. I believe that you are saying that it would be nice if people would just share the beauty within them rather than be stingy and think only of themselves.<br />
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You are right in that it is challenging to find this type of person. They are rare, but very valuable. Generally, it is fairly easy to determine if the person you have met is a giver or a taker. As long as we accept people as they are, and keep looking if we don't see what we seek, we won't be stressed out by all the self-serving takers. Best wishes.

1) No i don't . I don't sit here and keep count. that isn't loving fully.<br />
2) i am not speaking about or to a specific person. Rather I am dreaming about what I would seek in a hypothetical person. I can give give give all day with out strings and that is what i do. No i would just like to find someone who is also like me. this message is wondering not demanding. <br />
It is not a story really seeking advice. Quite the contrary: I don't think i need to nitpick this story of mine. I am fine with it as it is. I am at peace with myself and what i seek. I am happy to be who i am. <br />
3) I do not feel i need bind my self in anyway to a person who does not fully love. That doesn't make me love them less but I can do better a than that as far as a partner. <br />
<br />
You have not answered any of these questions but I thank you for your thoughts all the same. the questions are a bit rhetorical. All too often i think many people find them selves giving all. <br />
I suppose part of my message is: Share your gifts around. Don't empty them into a black hole. Don't become bitter and angry just keep seeking.

My question is whether you focus on what you get from the relationship or what you bring to it. Either you do things conditionally, or you haven't observed to see if the other person is as invested as you are. Don't assume that because you are invested that the other person should be, also.<br />
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The only realistic expectation we can have is that whatever pattern exists will continue to exist. To expect a person to change to conform to your pattern will only lead you to feel disappointed.<br />
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Best wishes in finding that compatible partner.