I Want A Girl To Pee On My Lap

When I was a little kid maybe around 12 or 13 me and my friend whom I was very close with her name was Megan idk why we never ended up dating but,
It started on a hot summer day we were hanging out and we would kiss an mess around and stuff but we were sitting on her porch talking, when she said let's go for a walk so we did an she told me she had to pee during our walk and I said you can hold it and sure enough she forgot about it after a little while. Later on that night me her and a couple other friends we were all hanging out talking, we were sitting in the woods on a log and as the night went on people started leavin. It ended up being just me, her and her friend Kaelyn and Megan came over to me and sat on my lap she said to keep warm... ;) but she was facing me and we started making out and she all if a sudden said all s*** and I felt my jeans getting wet and that's when Kaelyn got grossed out and left and I asked her if she let it all out an in a almost crying voice she said no and I smiled and whispered well go ahead and finish and she showed a sign of relief and next thing I know the warm feeling continues flooding her red silky panties and her tight jeans onto me and once she was done we started making out once more and I started to undress her and one thing led to another. And after that I don't know why but I always wanted another girl to do this
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

thats nothing bad. it was memorable for you, it makes sense and seems like a fetish, which is okay. you seem likka really sweet guy :)

thank you :) and i try to be i hope you dont think im weird cause of my fetish though lol

no i couldn't think you were weird darling

well thank you and how have u been?