I Hate My Mom!!! Here's Why!

Well just recently I got all the blame fo something my sister did completely by herself that she wasn't supposed to be doing.She s[illed on the carpet and literally this is how it happened.I was on my computer in my room and heard yelling from down stairs so i went down  stairs and immediately my mom started to yell at me for my sister spilling juice on the floor and she was yelling at me and how i needed to be more careful and how i always mess around with my drinks...why would i mess around with my drinks anymore when i am a teenager?! And the kind of juice my sister spilt is a kind i don't even like! And i was like what the F ! ...in my mind.I mean i was just upstairs minding my own business just playing on the computer and i just went down stairs because i thought someone got hurt and my mom just starts yelling at me for something my little sister did! That's so messed up! and stuff like this has happened before where my mom puts all the blame on me when she even knows my sister is the one who did the stuff.And i bet my mom just does this stuff  to me because she was the youngest in her family and so is my father and so i think there is something going on with my sister also being the youngest.And this one other time i was lying in my bed watching tv in my room and talking to my BFF on the phone and i hear my mom coming so i hang up and my mom comes in my room and starts hitting me because again she is putting me resppnsible for something my sister did! And that time I got all the blame for using my mom's special hair shampoo and like making bubbles with it and again why would i do that?! i am a teenager i did those things when i was like five and my sister is always the one making bubbles i mean she says she is going to take a shower and right after her shower there are always bubbles left over.And i hate soap bubbles because its just a pain to rinse off before you get out of the tub.and there have been many incedents like these but some way different.But my dad knows i am telling the truth about these types of things but won't do anything to stop my mom from hitting me and he's like right there watching and like i said it must have something to do with my mom and dad both being the youngest of their familes.Can anyone relate to me? I mean my mom hits me but doesn't hit my sister who is about to be ten and my mom always asks me to get her things for her like a drink or something so i do but then when i ask her once and only once to get me a drink she says get it yourself.And i am just shocked.And so them the next time my mom asked me to get her a drink i said no and she was like do what i say! and i said no you never do anything for me.And I am so damn frustedrated because i always get treated like a hobo with no feelings that people just use to get stuff! Does anybody agree with me that my mom is twisted?Ughhh i can't stand her...and my father knows more about me than my mom...both parents should know the same amount of things about their daughter.PLEASE COMMENT AND GIVE ME ADVICE PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!!
Therealbella Therealbella
Jul 13, 2010