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The Journey

I walked along this path, stopping now and again. Detours, uphill climbs, and obstacles were faced head on, and resolved. Mud slides and avalanches not only threatened my very existence; they demanded an immediate decision, and choices were made. Onward, I continued... my determination and resolve unwavering. My eternal flame of hope shines brightest when faced with adversity. When I began this journey, I committed myself towards a goal. I am more than half way to completion. My blind faith keeps me focused on reaching the finish line. I can not see that far ahead, but know it is there.
My entire being is sensing the impact of when this journey is completed. Who will be waiting for me as I cross the finish line? Who is the person I want to be with? The answer is: Me.
angelwings626 angelwings626 46-50, F 18 Responses Jul 28, 2010

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awww thank you sister mine... we've been on this journey for a while now, haven't we? xxoo T~

I hear what you are saying... and the concept is ideal-- in my case, however, time has shown me again and again that until I love myself, any thought of sharing whatever I have with another is a no go. I've yet to have a successful relationship with a spouse, partner, not even a best friend. That's not me putting myself down. Those are facts. I know it's not entirely my fault, but enough of it is. It's also one of the reasons I began this journey. I want, need, and yes- deserve- to be in a stable loving relationship... as does any human being. My only priority at this point, is to get to the finish line.

CC~ this journey has been alll of those things you've mentioned.. and more. I'm so much stronger now, than probably any other time in my life ( in as far as my sense of self and worth ). I'm honored and so touched to find you here, walking alongside me. xxoo T~

T This is the best journey anyone can take! Congratulations on your prgress. You were created for a purpose, to fulfill a destiny. But as with everyone, life take us on a trip, and we lose sight of who and what we were meant to be. To deliberately choose to go back and rediscover the true being and purpose and destiny is an awesome thing in itself. This journey can be painful, amazing, joy-filled, frightening, challenging and daunting. But stick with it, you will be so glad you did when you become the woman you were born to be. And God don't make no junk, so you are to be proud and humble, thankful and accepting, challenged and strong, gentle and firm both with yourself and those around you. Your biggest critics and nay0-sayers will be those who you may have though should have been your biggest supporters, but the journey may be leaving them behind, so be understanding and forgiving too. keep going my friend X@

I've learned, with some of the best experiences ever, that asking for help and support empowers you. It also keeps your friends from placing you on a pedastal- intentional or otherwise. I am human, fallible, etc., I no longer believe it is a sign of weakness. Rather a test of intelligence to seek those who do and will support you. All of you, in your own way, have allowed me to grow, yet stay true to who I am. I choose to be on my own, and love myself. ( getting there ) However, when I have my family right alongside me, I know that is when I get let go, and I will be caught should I stumble or falter. So my baby steps have now become adult ones. My strides have more purpose, and my self esteeem and confidence is beginning to emerge. Metaphorically, I've been in a cocoon, and only i could work my way through the silken binds and ties. All of you here cheering me on and being right outside of those walls gave me that urge to break free and forth. Dare I say its a matter of a short time and my wings will take their first flight as a beautiful angelic butterfly. I wouldn't want to begin any other way, than with my family here to witness my transformation. xxoo~

My shining one, I walk with you and mizz, always. I'm also bolstered by the fact sweet and Josie are there to help you.

((((((((((((((((((((((beaming the biggest smile as tears well up)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))<br />
I am overwhelmed with the love and the support from each of you. I can't imagine feeling any more accepted for who and what I am than at this very moment. I will reach my goal, and become an even better example of an Angel-- but especially for myself. Loving myself will allow me one day to love another with my heart and my soul intact. xxoo T~

(((((Hugs)))))(((((Hugs)))))(((((Kisses)))))(((((Hugs)))))(((((Hugs)))))<br />
<br />
You are an amazing woman and true friend. Wonderful Mom and exceptional bff. You are an angel in many lives.<br />
<br />

Josie~ hand on heart, you were one of the first family members here who showed me that having courage, hope, and believing in yourself would sustain you through even the darkest of hours. You are a true inspiration and testament of integrity, acceptance, and respect. ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))<br />
((((((((((((((kisses)))))))))))))))))) and loads of laughter and tears for the ages. xxoo T~

Yes, I feel the same about my family of choice and the mutual family we share, our beautiful Sweet and our lady of this parish (bet she'll like that, haha) ; there is a synchronicity to it, a reason why they do, why all our souls come together. I am honoured to have all of you for the journey,and I too cherish the day when we can walk together to our destination. love you so xxoo

Shine on magic angel! (((((Hugs))))) Lots of us want to be near you too.

My Sweets~ I am honored and know we will have many adventures worth noting ( perhaps photo ops as well? he he )<br />
I cherish our friendship, and pray it continues to strengthen as time moves on.<br />
hugsnkisses, xxoo T~

my twin~ I started writing this, and it took on a life of its own! Perhaps our souls were entwined in thought and ink? I know without any hesitaions or doubts that my family here is on this path with me-many of our lives divinely intersected at various points in time. I'm cherishing this moment when we walk hand in hand towards ours. i love you soooo xxoo

My twin, I know all about this journey. All the uphill climbs, detours, tumbles, and more than a few cul-de-sacs, hehe! Your comments on accepting yourself, loving yourself, and accepting you for you....well, you know it could be me talking! I do want to be with me, the me that loves and accept myself, the me that is happy and content with myself.<br />
<br />
With loving friends to help along the way, we will reach our destinations, my lovely twin! xxoo

Tis true, my beautiful one~ but I want to be with the me that has resolved the many issues and traumatic past, and who actually loves and accepts me for me! <br />
xxoo T~

She's already with you.

Thanks CS~ I knew for many years that I'd eventually have to face myself. I joined EP 2 years ago, and based on the support and encouragement I found, I set this goal. I am happy with the changes so far, and am determined to finish. :)

I've been on this path towards loving, accepting, and nuturing myself. For far too long, I've allowed and depended on others to define, shape, and mold me into what they believed I was to become. I am a work in progress with who I am, and what I want. However, I can finally say that now I hold the rulebook, and my decisions are based upon what choices I am making for myself. xxoo T~