You Are:

Sweet love, beautiful soul, bright shining star
half of my life was spent wandering near and far.
trying to find out just where you are.

Like the brightest lit star in the night time sky
It didn't take but one second for me to realize
All I need do is look, and you've caught my eye.

Not just my eye, you've conquored my soul
that's not a bad thing, you make me feel whole.
feel like I've loved you for more than I could know.

Then I saw you grab your things, as if preparing to leave
Time must have slowed down I just couldn't believe
I thought that you and I were made as a pair that's meant to be.

You decided to stay, and I'm not real sure why
I hope it wasn't just to avoid an overly akward goodbye.
because I'm satisfied whenever and wherever your at my side.

However when we kiss, all of my doubts fade away
the heavens align and turn night in to day
give me hope we'll hold hands walking down san fransisco bay.

When I look at you and see the beauty you show
surrounded on all sides by a soft yellow glow
I don't have to question it, I already know
With you by my side I could happily grow old.

If your a slave, your not a worker of mine
I think of you as a best friend and beauty divine
your a free soul, and as am I, but it can't be denied
lives are together forever intertwined.

I love you with more than all of my heart
I secretly fear a day will come when we part
with tears in my eyes I'll have to depart

but sometimes a nightmare is just that
nothing more than a scary thought that you had
not always an omen of something that's bad.

So I sit here alone, thinking of you laying snuggled with me
giggling as happy and giddy as can be
you soft in my arms as we drift off to sleep
prepared to face together whatever we see
punkorange punkorange
2 Responses Nov 15, 2012

really touching nad making me cry :'( :'(

That was Touching what sweet hearted Soul. may be one day Thats a dream of mine to